Time to introduce you to the Owner/Operator Ella Flutey.

How Ella came about running A Dog’s Day is a story too good not to share. We asked Ella for a wee bit about the journey.

”I have been an animal lover, for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was always rescuing stay cats, dogs and wild birds. There wasn’t an animal I wouldn’t take in and love.

I worked in a pet store while at college and continued to do so while studying Vet Nursing in 2010. Once I had completed my training and was working as a Vet Nurse I developed a strong desire to work with dogs.

I felt the need to be around dogs as much as possible. With that, I became a dog day care specialist and groomer in 2011. Shortly followed by becoming the Manager. My passion to work with dogs all day became a reality. Then I had a dream. A dream to own a dog daycare.

That dream turned into a reality in 2017. I purchased Absolutely Precious Paws, Tauranga. The business that fuelled my love for dogs, the one where I started my dog day care loving journey was now my baby.

When I took over the business, I had a vision. This was to make A Dog's Day (Formerly Absolutely Precious Paws) to be the best doggy daycare in Tauranga. For it to encompass my values and motivations for taking over the business.

I wanted a dog sanctuary. A place where dogs would have the loved they deserved. A place where a dog owners mind would be at ease while their dog was in my care. A place that is safe. A community of dogs, dog lovers and dog owners. A place filled with outstanding relationships. A place where the team, the dogs and the owners are family.

Proudly, A Dog's Day is all of the above.

Syd and Murphy are my two sidekicks. Syd is a 8yo Golden Retriever cross, he is my soul dog, a best friend and loyal to the bone, his favourite past time is emptying the entire contents of the toy box. Murph on the other had is at the opposite end of the scale. He is a 5yo shihtzu and is a bit of an attention seeker. Often he is found in the reception of the Tauranga dog daycare, welcoming everyone and getting pats and cuddles. Alternatively, he is found stealing toys off his big brother Syd.

So, thats me. If you're apart of the A Dog's Day Family already, HEY! If you are new here, I hope to meet you soon"