Why is A Dog’s Day the best Doggy Day Care in Tauranga? IT’S A FAMILY.

Doggy Daycare has many incredible benefits. Socialisation, exercise and companionship to name a few. At A Dog’s Day, your dog will enjoy both the indoors and outdoors depending on their preference. Dogs are separated for play by size, age and temperament to ensure a friendly and safe area for all dogs.

There are both indoor and indoor play and rest areas. There is also a dog pool for the water lovers where they can have supervised play in the pool.

10 benefits of doggy daycare

  1. SOCIALISATION: Having your dog around other dogs and people is a great way of ensuring your dog has a variety of social skills. A socialised dog means that they have better coping tools to remain calm in a variety of situations.

  2. ATTENTION: Doggy daycare provides dogs with love and attention whilst you’re tending to your other commitments. At A Dog’s Day the staff members are chosen because they love dogs! With all being dog owners as well, The A Dog’s Day Team understand a dogs needs. Staff will be with your dog from the time they arrive until they go home.

  3. SAFETY: Sending your dog to doggy daycare is often a much safer option, especially if your dog is one who tries to escape or likes to get into things they shouldn’t.. At A Dog’s Day, it is the number one priority. The A Dog’s Days locations have completely secured areas and all dogs are monitored closely.

  4. PEACE OF MIND: Your mind can rest easy knowing your dog is being loved and cared for. Thus eliminating the guilt you may feel when you have to leave your best friend home alone, for extend periods during the day

  5. ROUTINE: Dogs like routine. Sending your dog to daycare will help maintain a daily routine of walks and playtime.

  6. RELIEVES BOREDOM: If a dog is left alone for extended periods, they can become increasingly bored which can manifest into a variety of destructive behaviours. Such as; chewing furniture, chewing themselves and excessive barking or crying. A Dog’s Day will provide the stimulation to prevent these behaviours.

  7. RELIEVES SEPARATION ANXIETY: One of the primary reasons that dogs can develop destructive behaviours is separation anxiety. These dogs feel overwhelmed and nervous being alone for extended periods. This can lead to destructive behaviours such as the ones mentioned above and also accidents or toileting where they shouldn’t.

  8. EXERCISE: This is one of the major benefits. Your dog will get exercise daily, this is vital in maintaining your dogs overall health.

  9. FLEXIBLE + AFFORDABLE: Need an extra day? Need overnight boarding? You have time off so can spend it with your best friend? No problem. A Dog’s Day is flexible. A Dog’s Day is also affordable. With Doggy Daycare ranging from $15 for a half day to $35 for a full day and Pet Taxi service it can be worked into most budgets.

  10. FAMILY: A Dog’s Day is a family. You and your dog will be treated like family. Your dog will be loved, petted, played with and snuggled. They become a part of the family from the moment they join. A Dog’s Day even have special access areas for A Dog’s Day family members. This is known as The Club. The Club is areas of the site that offers tips, advice, daycare updates, live webcam and giveaways.