Dog Boarding  

With a range of solutions for your dog. A Dog’s Day ensures your best friend has an amazing doggy holiday while you’re on your holiday.

Below are the two boarding services;

  • Tauranga Doggy Daycare centre 

  • Your home

The best option is dependant on the dogs needs and can be discussed with Ella or one of the team. Boarding cost is $40 per 24 hours.

A pet taxi is available for $10.00 (return) within 5KM of Tauranga site. For trips outside of these areas contact A Dog’s Day as there may be additional charges. 

The Important Stuff

Boarding Dogs must attend at least 4 sessions of Doggy Daycare before using our Dog Boarding service. Doing this ensures your dog will feel at home.

Bring their bed, blanket or comfort toy. Anything your best friend has to feel content. This is especially important for anxious dogs.

Food. Please provide enough food for the duration of your dogs holiday. This is due to different diets dependant on size, breed, medical conditions and what their tummy is used too. Wouldn’t be much of a holiday if they got the runs on some new bickies.

Dog Boarding is currently only available to dogs that attend our Dog Daycare due to high demand.