A Dog’s Day provides the whole service.

Grooming is an essential part of being a responsible dog parent. At A Dog’s Day we offer professional dog grooming by trained stylists. Your dog can be groomed during a Doggy Daycare day! This means you’ll pick up your best friend and they will be content and looking great.

If your dog doesn’t attend Doggy Daycare, that’s no problem, they can still come in for a groom.

A Dog’s Day does all types of grooming, from essential maintenance to a personally styled full clip. The trained stylists will tend to your dog, in a create free relaxed environment. This makes sure your dog has a positive grooming experience.

For nervous dogs, stylists take time to calm the dog with massage and petting. After all, A Dog’s Day doesn’t run by the clock and nor is it a consideration. A Dog’s Day believes a groom can be any length of time depending on the dog. Their needs and comfort is of upmost importance.

Whether you want a simple bath & tidy or an expert breed-specific clip, the dog stylists will make your dog look their best.

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